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I can write copy for all the elements of your successful marketing campaign—website content, flyers and brochures, intranet/newsletter articles, blog posts, video scripts, speeches, social media updates, and much more. I communicate ideas in an engaging, concise way, following guidelines for your brand's voice and tone. My writing services include:
  • Brand personality—helping your brand discover or revitalize the voice that best fits its unique personality and connects with your audience

  • Writing—researching the topic and interviewing subjects and experts to create a fresh draft from scratch
  • Rewriting—retooling your existing prose to make it more readable and compelling


I've been editing all kinds of copy for 32 years, from website content to nonfiction books and everything in between. I have a knack for expressing complex ideas in clear, fluid prose. My editing services include: 
  • Developmental editing—working with the author on high-level changes such as clarifying ideas and reshaping structure
  • Copyediting—editing prose to fix problems with logic, parallelism, and grammar (proofreading is also included)
  • Proofreading—fixing typographical errors in spelling, punctuation, and formatting

I have also worked extensively with authors for whom English is a second language, refining the prose until it reads like native English.

Contact me for a free project estimate. For specifics of my writing and editing experience, check out my resume.

Kristin Barendsen  ●  Santa Fe, New Mexico  ●  cell: 505.946.7707  ●  kbarendsen (at) gmail.com