I write essays, poetry, and the occasional short story. I perform my work at open mics and literary festivals. I emcee a bimonthly open mic in my cohousing community in Santa Fe, and I also produce spoken word/music events on political topics such as environmental justice, immigration, feminism, and LGBTQ equality, with donations going to related local nonprofits.

Below is a selection of my published creative work.  


"Femme on a Butch Runway" was published by Queen Mob's Teahouse in August 2008. 

"Are You Worried About a Loved One's Drinking? 23 Questions" appeared in the Atticus Review in February 2018. 

"The Bear Felony" was published in Gravel magazine in September 2017.

"The Trump Pinata" came out in Nailed magazine in January 2017. 

"Why Tuk-Tuks Make the Big Bucks" appeared in The Best Women's Travel Writing 2008 and won a Solas Award for best travel writing. 



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Short Prose Pieces








Short Stories









photos by Esha Chiocchio

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